Cashmere was once a luxury that the average middle class person could not afford. Then suddenly brands like Zara, Uniqlo and H&M were selling cashmere blends. So how did cashmere become accessible? Its very simple. The cashmere market was once dominated by countries such as Italy and Scotland with fibre refinement. Since China produces 60-70% of the worlds supply of cashmere fibres it only made sense they would continue on into refinement and yarn production themselves. Lowering the costs of labour, taxes, shipping and still being able to produce top level yarn. 
-Cashmere comes from the hair on a Mongolian goat's belly.
-It takes four years for there to be enough hair on a goat's belly to make one sweater.
-Cashmere comes in different 'grades' with A being the highest. This is based on the fibre length.
-Despite being longer in fibre length inner Mongolian cashmere is softer than outer Mongolian. 
-Cashmere is eight times warmer than wool.
-Cashmere increases in softness with wear.
-Cashmere sweaters should last 10 years which is about 200 wears. 
-A grade premium cashmere from Inner Mongolia.
-Produced in Hebei (spinning province) and spun on Italian yarn machines.
-Our yarn costs around $200 USD per kilo
-Our sweaters weigh between 250-350 grams
Our cashmere is only marked up 100% (if that) in order to make our products accessible to everyone. As we believe that every woman deserves to have the best. 
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August 03, 2015 — Able Cui