With all the confusion its time to set the record straight. I took a big break from an online store to enjoy the every day joys of motherhood. Yet as time passed I really had this itch. The itch only got worse as I realised that a part of me always wants to run a business. It didn't matter on the size but more having that small little space where I could really test out new boundaries.

After much research and reflections I have worked out how to make cashmere affordable for both a business owner and the end customer. I thought about many of the ups and downs I had experienced but also at the cashmere industry as a whole. One day a random email changed everything. 

So if you have noticed I may have been a little absent on social media its all for good reason. Preparing the new store. I will still post here about sustainable fashion and also about beauty, style and travel tips. 

I can't wait to tell you more and show you more! Thank you for always sticking around :)

Much love and happy monday!




June 25, 2018 — THE CURATED