It would be a lie to not admit that we’ve been slightly ignorant when setting up the EU store. Even to this day the optimist in me is standing their fingers crossed hoping they come through with a deal to save everyone a huge headache.


This year saw the launch of our European store an achievement in itself. However, as we took a moment to breathe during our high season we then realized that the Brexit deal didn’t seem to be any closer to reaching an agreement. As we come to the end of the year we are getting a lot of messages about Brexit and how this will affect The Curated so below you can find a FAQ (updated 11.1.2021)


What is Brexit and when is it happening?
The United Kingdom will be leaving its association with the EU from January. While there is a trade agreement between both parties this will not unfortunately benefit us. 


What impact does this have on the Curated?

Currently there are shipping delays but this is related to COVID. For all our UK customers this will have no impact. We are currently setting up our EU operations. From February 1st our label will have price increases overall due to the expansion of our logistics and supply chain to better service everyone.


Does this mean my order will be delayed?
There should be no delays currently as we are shipping direct with DDP from our warehouse in China.


What will happen in 2021?

We will be working on providing a smooth solution for our European and UK based customers. So things can only get better!


Will I get a tax refunded with returns if I am based outside of the UK?

For our customers in the EU we will have a localised warehouse solution within the EU so there will be no tax problems! 


If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to email our customer service team at






December 22, 2020 — Nicola Harlem