We've launched our newest coat to the collection. We curated this together with our family run factory in Inner Mongolia. So what is the difference you ask? 

Firstly lets talk cut. The cape is a drop sleeve and therefore a box cut. Its not some ridiculously oversized box cut but it is much wider. Therefore you don't actually always have to buy your size. You can go down if you want a more fitted look. Its also slightly longer in length.

Secondly the lapels are wider on our cape and are further down by about 10cm. Yet the actual neckline is slightly more narrow to allow this to sit on your chest properly. 

Instead of an optional waist band and huge pockets our cape comes with hidden side pockets and an inner button to seal should you want to. Its also sewn in, so if you want to move it its very easy to do it yourself, or have someone do it. 

Lastly our cape has a slightly higher composition of cashmere. The factory actually forgot to mention this. While all our coats become softer with time and wear the cashmere percentage in our capes is actually higher!

Like our classic coat we pick styles that are flattering for all shapes and sizes. I think the cape is a little different more of that Scandinavian minimalist oversized feel. Yet its so soft and still so stylish. A perfect throw on for every single day!


If you have any more questions on our new classic cape please make sure to pop a message over to or otherwise chat with us online!

October 27, 2018 — THE CURATED