As the spring festival approaches our suppliers have wound down as their workers prepare to travel home to be with loved ones. While this marks the occasion of celebrating a new year with family and friends this also brings our business to its annual break.


From the 4th of February to the 19th all orders placed will be delayed due to our shipping office in China closing. This means that all of these orders will have complimentary shipping. It is the only time that our no discount policy is forgotten and that we offer this as a consolation to the delay.


That said we also have currently a warehouse in the UK which means that some of you may receive may still receive your orders within this time period.


While this is happening we will be opening up preorders for some of our out of stock products like our classic coat in camel, navy and our London coat in navy. We’ll also be opening up preordering for our new spring arrivals. I’m very excited for you to see.


Once again, thank you so much for being part of our Curated Community. I am so lucky to have you an amazing group of women who have together helped us build this brand. Wishing you a lovely spring festival to those who are taking the time to celebrate with their family!


If you have any queries make sure you email the team


N x

February 03, 2021 — Nicola Harlem