I met Diana over eight years ago in a small photography studio. She had just started her career as a photographer and it was obvious from the start that she was talented. As I have followed her career I've also watched her become a mother of two gorgeous little girls and always wondered how does she do it? 


(i) The modern woman has changed in the past century. Do you ever feel that the working woman has even more expectations placed on her now?
Absolutely!  But for the most of it, I think it’s us women that place these high expectations onto ourselves.  There is an overwhelming feeling that because we are working women, it’s bad to dedicate time for ourselves in other aspects of our life. I absolutely LOVE my job as a photographer so it was an easy choice going back to work but I still had feelings of guilt especially associated with leaving my children.  The reality for me was actually accepting the fact that by having this time to myself doing what I love was not only benefitting my personal growth but becoming a better parent and role model for my children.  We need to accept that it’s ok to do things for ourselves occasionally whether that be work, social life etc.  I feel society is changing and embracing the fact that women and especially mothers, still want to work and balance family life too.  
(ii) How do you manage to find that balance between being a mother, a wife and also achieving your own personal career goals?
I’m not going to lie, it certainly has its challenges but the best way I balance family and work life is by being super organised and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Making sure I exercise is the best way to clear my mind and give me the energy I need to face my busy lifestyle. I’m also very fortunate to have an amazing husband who has always supported me not only in pursuing my career goals but being a very hands on dad.  Together we make a great team always supporting each other and making positive choices for ourselves and the family.
(iii) Have you found your fashion change with time, or are there still core principles you have stuck to when it comes to purchasing choices?
My fashion sense has changed dramatically over time and especially now after having children.  I definitely dress for comfort as I am either running around after my two children or working which is physically quite demanding.  I have to think practically when making purchasing decisions now, taking into account the comfort factor first and of course quality to keep up with my active lifestyle.  
(iv) Do you have a daily beauty routine and work uniform? If so what is it?
My daily beauty routine is quite low key.  I use the special cleansing gel and skin smoothing moisturiser by Dermalogica morning and night.  Once a week (when I remember to), I do a charcoal mask by Origins which is brilliant for clearing out pores and leaving your skin glowing.  On set, you’ll usually find me in my Diesel jeans, a Bassike tank, TWL sweater and sneakers.  My sneaker collection is huge and ranges from Converse, Nike, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurant and loads more.
(v) What women in your life have been your greatest inspiration. What kind of advice have they given you?
My mother is my greatest inspiration.  She has taught me so many valuable life lessons.  She really was super women being a single mother raising 3 children and working tirelessly to provide for us all.  I seriously don’t know how she did it!  Reflecting back on it now and knowing how hard she worked to support our family, is something I will never forget and forever be grateful for.  Her ambition and strong work ethic is definitely something I’ve always looked up to and implemented in my own family and work life.
(vi) What advice would you give to women out their trying to juggle family and work life?
Firstly, well done!!!  Juggling family and work life is challenging so know you are doing a fantastic job balancing the two.  As mothers (and I know this from experience), we put so much pressure on ourselves to do EVERYTHING!!  And try and be perfect at it all.  We need to accept that it’s OK to have a family and work at the same time.  There’s no shame in doing something for yourself.  I find my work is one of the things that helps me have that time to myself, doing what I love and allowing my mind to be creative and refocus.  At the end of the day, whatever we do is for our children anyway so enjoy whatever life brings you. 
Photos: Heidi Wolff @heidiwolffau
Hair: Daniel Lepore @daniellepore
Diana Melfi is an established freelance photographer based in Adelaide working across Australia and internationally.  Since emerging onto the fashion scene at just 20 years of age, Diana has built an amazing portfolio specialising in both editorial and commercial fashion photography for clients such as Schwarzkopf, Paris Miki, Newscorp, Rundle Mall, David Jones, Auslabels, Paolo Sebastian, Fashionising.com, Trendhunter, Lady Gunn, Fashion Trend, and Culture magazines just to name a few.  Diana has the innate ability to capture the raw and cinematic beauty of her subjects with her exceptional eye for detail, bold lighting and unique composition.  
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April 04, 2017 — THE WHITE LABEL