You know the word 'organic' use to translate once to expensive vegetables. Almost twenty years later and organic has basically become the standardised add on branding tactic for the retail industry. 

The most common yet controversial is organic cotton. A product that while is GMO and pesticide free results in greater environmental waste than the industry standard. 


So when our factory claimed that their cashmere yarn was organic I was a huge skeptic. What did that actually mean? 

Well what you may not know is that cashmere is quite a dark market. You never know what you are really getting. You may see a pure cashmere sweater at Uniqlo at a bargain price only to discover it piles and is made of impure product. So many cashmere products are treating with chemicals to make them feel softer, or mixed with other fibres. 

We work with a small family run factory based in inner Mongolia that is a vertical mill (more about that here). It allows both the factory and us to have complete control over the product. Last year over 80% of factories in inner Mongolia were shut down due to violating environmental laws. Our factory produces beautiful premium grade cashmere that is organic.

Our white cashmere range is non dyed and therefore contains natural flecks of darker fibres. 

It is considered organic because everything the goats eat, to the way the fibres are treated is completely chemical free. Also during production sweaters are limited with washes and nothing is added to make them feel softer. 

Cashmere becomes softer with time and wear, its important to not wash it too often. You can feel confident when wearing our products that they support sustainability, the prevention of environmental wastage and also humane treatment of animals.  


September 20, 2018 — THE CURATED