In the past few months we have been working on creating a new kind of coat. A coat created for all those young women out there who are 'graduating' and taking that rite of passage into the work force and adulthood. We wanted to create a coat that was affordable but also still an investment. The coat you could wear to job interviews, conferences, business dinners but also on the weekend at brunch with your friends. A coat that could take you on new adventures. 

While we have been doing this I have been self reflecting on my younger self. As a young adult I suffered from low self confidence and low self esteem. However, there was something that always managed to give me confidence and make me feel secure and that was fashion. My mother was very much an advocate for buying clothes that had the perfect fit and could flatter always.

When I was 15 she bought me my first ever coat. A black pure wool coat. When I left for Shanghai I was met with cold cold winters. I remember at the start living on an intern salary, budgeting (a steep learning curve for me!) always but knew I always had high quality pieces in my wardrobe that I could mix with my fast fashion outfits.

With our graduate coat we have created a very flattering coat that can be for both business and brunch. In comparison to our more expensive coats there is no compromise on quality and workmanship. The only difference is that instead we are using a 10% royal cashmere blended with 90% Australian merino wool that is still 100s (superfine). 

The cut is similar to the classic coat with buttons, side pockets and a slight A line to be flattering with or without a belt. You definitely do not need to size up with this coat, only if you are over 175cm tall. It comes in black, bone white and a light camel. They are already in production and arrive by the end of April.

So I hope you love your graduate coat and that it gives you the confidence you already have, takes you on new adventures and makes you feel effortless every day.

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April 02, 2020 — THE CURATED