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You know if there is one task I hate its cleaning. I will admit I have been spoilt my entire life. I grew up with a stay at home mother and a cleaner. This then continued while living in Shanghai where a cleaner costs the equivalent to a happy meal (per hour). 

I'm embarrassed to say but I didn't start cleaning or washing until I turned 27, and lets just say it was a learning curve. However, once you have your own home which you fill with love and beautiful things you really want it to look its best. I wasn't a huge fan of chlorine and chemicals in my home especially when I have little children.


So when my mother introduced me to Bondi Wash I was in seventh heaven. A beautiful brand of environmentally friendly, Australian botanical products for the bathroom, kitchen, baby, dog and body. Not only does it smell like home or the inside of a florist but these products work! 

My favourite is the bench spray as I have marble benches and the delicate wash its perfect for our cashmere line. So if you want your home smelling beautiful I highly recommend you take a peek at their entire line its available in selected stores and online. Its affordable, genuine and founded by a female. That ticks all our boxes.

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August 26, 2018 — THE CURATED