I wanted to clear the air when it comes to all the questions about refunds, black friday sales and why we don't offer free returns.

Firstly, I started this store because I really found an item I loved. An item that I wanted to share and make accessible to likeminded women who wanted really good investment pieces at affordable prices. When you work hard for your money, you want to know you what you are getting back is just as much as what you have put in.

Its truly wonderful to keep hearing "this is the coat I have been looking for!" I started this store to curate the best items for your wardrobe and price them honestly. However, I understand at the same time people can find it daunting to shop online. That option of a free return can feel like a great insurance and help aid your decision on whether to shop or not.

But now let me break it down for you, careful and considerate consumption mean that you need to consider yourself, what size and style suit you and also consider the business owner on the other wise.

I could mark up our coats to $500USD and you can have free returns no problems! OR I can provide the best customer service to help you styling, sizing and product information wise and you don’t have to pay the premium.

I found a similar coat online to compare with ours and I think its pretty self explanatory why we don’t free returns, black friday discounts or free shipping.

*Note our cashmere is organic and Australian wool blended.

 *We charge a flat rate of $25USD shipping yet it costs on average $35-40USD to ship. While Brand K can offer free shipping, but you are actually being charged for it without realising.


 So there you go, I hope this makes sense. Of course if you feel strongly you would rather we marked our items up more comment below! Otherwise enjoy the fact that you can purchase a beautiful coat at a price you will not find anywhere else at the same price!

November 13, 2018 — THE CURATED