These two words are what often come up with ethical fashion these days. Heck, I use these two hashtags daily with our social media. But the question is what exactly is the difference between the two? 

Slow fashion is focusing on consumption. Long lasting items and normally is often in line with a capsule wardrobe. Meaning they produce season-less items that are continually sold. Slow fashion brands normally encourage you to purchase less and to mix and match. 

Sustainable fashion is focusing on the environment. What kind of impact will the production have? These brands are normally marketed using organic materials and small community based ethical production. 

So where do we stand between slow and sustainable? I am a huge believer in staples and investment pieces. But this doesn't mean that I only purchase from 'slow or sustainable' fashion brands. I love to mix long term items with new season finds. Fashion and style is a passion of mine and it makes me feel good. Its just about being savvy and considerate. I put a lot of thought into what I buy and make sure its something I love and will wear. 

For me the Curated is both a slow fashion item because it will last you a decade due to high quality and timeless design. Its sustainable because we do not over produce. We are incredibly efficient in our production, we work with a small family run mill and our cashmere is organic. 

The 'other' dimension that is part of our label is that we are priced honestly. Our mark up to most items is less than 40%. As a business woman and someone who has travelled China I have a very strong connection with rural businesses and in supporting small factories grow to aid local community economies. As a wife and mother I believe women deserve luxury staples that are affordable. 


August 22, 2018 — THE CURATED