After six months of development we launched our new coat for the season, the Tailored Coat. We listened to everything you told us about what you loved with our classic coat but also what you felt missing, why you didn't buy it, what you wanted to buy next. Every piece of feedback and support contributed to the making of this coat. 

So lets compare the two side by side. The model is 168cm tall and she is wearing a size small (sized up):

1. The Cut of the Tailored Coat is an A line cut in comparison to the classic which is straight down. We found that for women who are pear shaped, or have hour glass shapes this can be very flattering and also elegant.

2. The Neckline of the Tailored Coat goes further down ending at the waist with bigger lapels (like the cape) in comparison to the classic which sits higher up.

3. The Pockets of the Tailored Coat are side hidden pockets instead of visible hand sewn square pockets.

4The Sleeves of the Tailored Coat are 2cm more narrow than the Classic coat as a wide sleeve isn't everyone's cup of tea. 

5The Length of the Tailored Coat is 10cm longer than our classic coat. 

6. The Fabric of the Tailored Coat is made by ERDOS with royal cashmere and merino wool. It is the new precedent of our fabric and the number one cashmere house in China which services many luxury brands around the world. It is why there is only limited quantities as we sourced it leftover from past seasons.

What is the same about both our coats is that they are hand sewn, made of cashmere and merino wool blends. They come with a belts and extra fabric for custom loops. We have also introduced an XL size option too.


You can now preorder our tailored coats in a brown rice melange, charcoal grey melange and camel. They arrive online in two weeks. 

We hope you love this coat as much as we do!



November 08, 2019 — THE CURATED