One of the most common sentences I hear from our customers is 'I wanted a Max Mara cashmere coat but I just couldn't justify the cost.'

It's something we share in common. Five years ago I decided I only wanted to invest in long term pieces that were high quality. A cashmere coat was on my list but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money. So I lived in my $150 Uniqlo down jacket. 

Our second factory (who I give full credit for taking our fabric and workmanship to the next level) that helped us launch a little dream of mine. Having over a decade long relationship with the top cashmere house in China we found ourselves with access to the fabric of my dreams. 

It has been a mission for me to be able to create a pure cashmere coat under a thousand dollars.


So here she is, a pure cashmere double faced coat which is fully lined with pure silk made in our signature classic coat cut but with side pockets. While the cashmere is double faced I decided to add a pure silk lining for extra warmth and that luxurious feeling. 

Double faced pure cashmere fabric is very expensive and because we are not a big company that can afford made to order we were very lucky to have access to left over fabrics from past seasons. Erdos is one of the biggest cashmere houses in China, Forbes listed and a supplier to many luxury brands around the world. 


Because Erdos is a vertical mill creating cashmere from the goats all the way to the fabric it means that this is our first ever traceable product. A new term that is continually being mentioned in the slow and sustainable fashion world. 

It is a dream come true to be able to offer a pure cashmere coat at an affordable price. The only down side is that its limited stock due to limited fabric. So make sure you pre order yours before they are gone.


Wishing you a lovely week! 


December 09, 2019 — THE CURATED