We've come up with the most affordable skin regime to have you glowing from the neck up. Besides the every day necessity of washing your face with a glycolic acid wash (twice a day) here are the extras we use to keep our faces glowing.

We love The Ordinary by the Decimen group. Its a fantastic skin concept that really reflects true knowledge of skin and provides real essential products minus the expensive mark ups. 

The Ordinary Peeling Solution twice a week (at least)
This smells like coffee and is the cheapest most effective peel you will find out there and no your skin won't fall off. 

The Ordinary Buffet (daily) 
This concoction of goodies is one of there most expensive products that we use daily as a base serum.

Cosmic Age Renewing oil (daily)
There are a lot of facial oil products out there. But you have to keep in mind that there also different qualities. We love this product as you only need 5 drops maximum daily and it keeps your skin so hydrated especially through those brought winters. While this product is only sold in Norway my other favourite is Herbivore's Orchid scented facial which is very affordable.

*If I really want to get hardcore once a week I'll do this entire combination plus before applying the peel I'll also use a tiny bit of ZO's exfoliating facial polish. Its pretty expensive around $200USD but it will last you a very very long time (over 12 months) which is around $4 a use per week. 

So forget the spa, you now have a reliable and affordable skin regime that is going to have you glowing all year round!


September 05, 2018 — THE CURATED